They’re spreading the message you must build a state

The Order comes from high above

If you’re a Believer you have to obey

to get it, No harm is enough


The Words in a book always tell them the truth

you want to believe all the lies

in the name of your Maker, you’re giving your Life

A kingdom of faith shall arise


let them burn

the world goes down

we drown in blood

prepare to meet thy god



the fear on the face say which city burns next

They carry the war to the world

All in the name of a higher precept

and no End ‘Till everything burnes


who wants all the torment, the dead and the pain

how holy can be a war? a bloody war

the winners of sorrow are always the same

to live we need something more


let them burn…


THe bloodgod demands for his Sacrifice

No difference, guilty or not

until you know that we all have to pay

the World is covered with blood


the preaCHERS AND PROPHETS Are calling to arms


The pursuit of power in an obsolete Age

can’t bring you heaven on earth


let them burn…