They‘re talking about paradise, in heaven you get more

You wonder at the same time, they‘re sending you to war

to kill the nonbelievers and to Erase the sin

until you understand that

Life means suffering


you told me that everyone is equal

and killing is a fatal sacrelege

how can god ever forgive us

i know the end justifies the means


they demonize the violence, the cruelty on the streets

And commend us to prudence, we shall to live in peace

But they bless the weapons, dictators on their side

and then you understand that

Life means suffering


treat the lyers as our brothers

tell me what is written in your books

you don‘t believe it for a long time

Right before your eyes you see the truth


Hell exists


We're living in a slaughterhouse controlled by many lies

The written words are used to feed the hunger in their eyes

And is the truth not what you want, explain it with his will

Just say you got an offering and go another way to kill


they’re talking about tolerance and your immortal soul

And if you do not serve the one, they’re bringing you to fall

they declare the terror to a sacret act

and suddenly you realize

live means suffering


they find a way to enlarge their power

enrich themselves due to blinded minds

In his name they humiliate the people

you know the innocents will give their lives


Hell exists