You swore an oath in the eyes of your god

But you know the truth that you're not strong enough

Your wishes and dreams are cold and dark

The pressure's deep under your animal-core

the sexual greed you've tried to ignore

Your carnal desire gets over you more and more


you penetrate your victim with your rage

With her last breath she spits Blood on your face


Father, Father, Father

You have promised a lie

Father, Father, Father



At your last sermon you told about the ultimate sin

And you prayed for peace with a dirty grin

At the afternoon the bottle of wine was empty

You're drunk and stoned like your parents when you was a child

You’re walking down the street

With the intention to get some harder drugs and love


You're on the threshold to insanity

Dark clouds pull over your halo


Father, Father, …


A storm is raging in your soul

imPrisoned in your spirit

Everything'S getting outta control

If You set it free


The demons in your soul multiply and grow

no chance - you can not let them go

The path to your faith leads to a dead end

You sit at the confessional and speak to the holy ghost

But theres no answer for a sinner like you

On your way to paradise you became the serpent’s prey


And if your worthless live is over

hereafter's Justice waits for you


Father, Father, …