Back in time when the gods were still reigning

Sacrifices fills the sky with blood

Without faith the world would be ruined

In searching for a higher force

Inhuman punishments and rituals

Driven by divine reverence

The blood of the unbelievers flows down

The Steel in the thunderstorms of gods


They are the one which manipulate the system

Thousands of years they are the force Behind everything

All the secret orders

All the holy scripts

They exploit the human faith

This is the ORIGIN OF HATE


It was the time they have realized

That there gods are not alone

And that behind the big blue sea

There are much more cultures

They began to plunder and they made

Strangers to their slaves

They forced foreign people to convert

They brought hate and fear and death


They are the one which…


Faith is no Religion

Religion is politics

Faith is no Religion

Religion brings war


Now is the time you look to World wide web

The evil in its highest form

Public beheadings, mass brawl, war zones

People which have lost there home

You hear holy war, they say fight for god

For your honor, faith and race

They build different races, different religions

 And mix it to a human Molotow


They are the one which…