Deathtale- Apocalyptic Deadline
Written by Christine

DEATHTALE from Austria may be newcomers and “Apocalyptic Deadline” may be their debut full length work, but some of its band members are veterans of the extreme scene with their previous band called DEMOLITION.

Things haven’t changed much if any at all and DEATHTALE continue to offer us a mixture of thrash with death metal that is quite often infused with some more classic heavy metal riffs and some black-ish rhythm guitars. The tempos are mainly fast with even some blast-beats here and there, the rhythm guitars are solid and sharp, while the vocals are death metal growls for the most part with the addition of some black metal screams here and there. All in all, “Apocalyptic Deadline” is a decent release for the thrash/death metal standards, although it’s as generic and typical as it can be, which makes this release interesting only to the die-hard fans of the genre or to the fans of DEMOLITION.

Christine Parastatidou