Deathtale - Apocalyptic Deadline

(CD, Terrasound Records, 2012)

This is the first album released by DEATHTALE, a fresh project by ex-DEMOLITION members Peter Musch and Tom Kräutner. Under the umbrella of independent label Terrasound Records, “Apocalyptic Deadline” was recorded in 2011 at Hinterhof Studio (Vienna) and sees the Austrian band’s debut nearly four years after they got together.

I think of this album as the natural and more up-to-date sequence of what DEMOLITION performed some years ago. Meaning: Thrash that’s not flirting with the old-school trend but rather tries to be modern and straightforward in a more ‘new’ way. Hence, traditional thrashers like me do not really have much to receive from such a release. Younger thrashers that stick to the formula of bands like THE HAUNTED or post 80’s KREATOR and DEW-SCENTED may find more similarities in this CD, not in the musical content and sound itself but mostly in the procedure and vocal arrangements seen in the songlist.

The riffing is aggressive and is the only thing that has some links to the Thrash Metal glorious past. Else, the neo-aggression seen in the vocals and leads themes does separate DEATHTALE from all the other bands listed in the so called New Wave Of Thrash circuit. I do not know what the band’s aim is but I feel like DEATHTALE have more chance fitting in a neo-Thrash or on-the-edge modern Death/Thrash style rather than waking memories for older thrashers.

The instrumentation is nice, the vocals are flat and below average for my likes and the songwriting procedure sees a band that has worked hard for this material but has not so much magic to stand one step above the hundreds of bands fighting for some draft recognition in the modern Thrash scene.


Written by Grigoris Chronis Thursday, 12 April 2012 21:46




01. Apocalyptic Deadline
02. Suffering Rain
03. Blood Trail
04. Deathtale
05. Suspicious Behavior
06. O5
07. Imagine The Pain
08. Erased
09. Back In Anger
10. 15 Dead
11. This Bullet...



Tom Kräutner - Drums
Phil Späth - Bass
Jan Geyer - Vocals
Peter Musch - Guitars
Max Dengler - Guitars