Apocalyptic Deadline
January 2013
Released: 2012,
Terrasound Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The album opens with a heart beat in a hospital setting, followed by an intricate melodic piece, with your mind set that somethings going to kick in and kick in heavy. As the heart beat dies away and the flatline of the monitor fade away, the second track "Suffering Rain" kicks in with a thrashy on set before Jan comes in and the music turns to a darker tuning. A real central european sound with Jan growling away, thrashy undertones with death metal overture. Dethtale's debut album is a strong dose of European Death Metal that is often needed. A less than fresh idea, they don't put a foot wrong however.

On into the next track "Blood Trail", Jan's vocals become a little more varied and with hints of dissonance in the guitar playing, it adds an extra dimension to the music. The drums are still the typical fast and pounding as you'd expect, the vocals are gutteral with the odd scream. The self titled track has a decent sized intro, selling itself as a "single" type of song. More of the same, not that I'm complaining. You can tell that it's ex member of Demolition's new baby, just by the general sound, although it does indeed stand out on its own and has its own merrit.

Jan comes out with what can only be described as a Dalek impression midway through the song. Infact that must be where the inspiration has come from. If not I'd be honestly surprised and dumbfounded. Kicking through into a Super Nintendo style solo, making the music seem more 80's than 2010's. The solo is immense in quality and sound though, coming into a nice build up, before the song finishes quite abruptly, just how I like it.

Another death intro with hints of America's Mid-west. This track definitely brings something different to the table, especially in the first half. Some quite disturbing vocal mixes alongside the slow damning sound of the music. Bang into another solo, then back to the slow and dark piece.

A standout track in my eyes, very different and varied while keeping you headbanging away. "05" opens with something you'd expect off a Power Metal band, that is, until the strange but effective distortion comes in. Another epic piece to bring you into a heavy death ridden track. Jans barks down the mic as the drums power through the track. Just over half way through the song and a piercing solo from the axe master, This is one of my favourite songs on the album, classic death elements mixed with European guitar tones and slamming drums.

To celebrate the second half of the album we are given a delight in "Imagine The Pain". Real Elements of modern death metal in not only the vocal style but the increased aggressiveness. Something Akin to Job For a Cowboy or more recent Dying Fetus.

Jan's harrowing screams throughout give me a chill much like when I first listened to Deicide. Throughout parts of the song there's an amazing riff that makes this song.

Deep and throbbing it instantly gets stuck in your mind leaving you unable to do anything else apart from banging your head. "Erased" gives us much of the same, the two songs interlinking in style, aggression and ferocity. "Back in Anger" changes it up a little.

From the outlay the guitars are frantic and is something I can imagine listening to driving down a massive American highway at 90mph, hair flowing in the wind of my open topped convertible with the sun beating down, forcing all the wildlife to listen to some brilliant death metal.

The last 2 tracks are much of the same. Some classic death metal with modern overtones. Alot of thrashy influence with some amazingly varied vocals which to me is always a bonus. A good listen if Thrashy Death Metal is your thing, but give it a listen even if it isn't, because if you want it smashed into your face as a tester, this is the album for you.

Review by Chris Rossiter