Deathtale Apocalyptic Deadline

by Dennis Jarman

The opening track of Apocalyptic Deadline begins with a beating heart which is the slowest beat on the album by Austrian metal band Deathtale. Guitars build up and as the heartbeat flatlines all hell literally breaks loose with next track Suffering Rain. I was expecting a death metal album to review and the vocals of Jan Geyer tip the scales in that direction but the music is pure old school German thrash metal, immediately bringing to mind early Destruction and Sodom.

Most of the 11 tracks continue in this vein apart from the 1st half of Suspicious Behaviour with its Iron Maiden guitar intro leading into a crushing groove with half spoken/sung vocals and the Entombed style crunch of Erased, probably the most intense track on Apocalyptic Deadline. The album is a rollercoaster ride of classic thrash metal with a tour de force drum assault by Thomas Krautner and dizzying rhythm/lead guitar work from Peter Musch and Max Denger.

Deathtale were formed in 1994 when they were known as Demolition and released 4 full length studio albums. A name change to Demolition Reloaded in 2008 resulted in them having to change their name again in March 2009 when they became Deathtale. Apocalyptic Deadline was recorded in October 2011 and released April 14th via Terrasound Records.

I award Apocalptic Deadline 9/10.