Deathtale - The Origin of Hate - 91%

Edmund Sackbauer, March 12th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Art Gates Records

Deathtale have made themselves quite a positive name within the Austrian metal scene. Hailing from Vienna, their mixture of hard hitting thrash metal and some death metal chords provide a lot of passion and energy. “The Origin of Hate” has been full length number three, showing a band that knows exactly what they want to achieve. While the innovation factor might not be too high, the professionalism and experience is obvious, making this album a nice slab of crushing music.

The crunchy heaviness of the rhythm guitar is pitched against some fantastic harmonies of the lead guitar, lending the whole affair a very uplifting atmosphere. The guys have a great feeling for hooky riffs and pretty catchy refrains, making each song just pure fun from start to finish. The songwriting is straight and on point without coming across as being simple or boring. There are some really cool soloing sections, but those parts are never overdone and they have been perfectly embedded into the flow of the respective songs. Overall I tend to say that the riffs and the guitar playing in general are the main star of the show here.

That does not mean that the rhythm section is sloppy – not at all. The drumming is very tight switching between groovy sections and some outbursts of chaos and destruction. These moments are perfectly placed over the record and while the instrumentation is on point the music never gets overly complex. The band keeps the main focus on balanced songwriting and heavy grooves. The most emphasis has been put on producing some really hard rocking tunes that will make any metal fan swing his ass and nod his head.

The structure of the songs is based on the traditional verse-chorus formula, making the whole music quite accessible. The guys have a great feeling for melodies and harmonies and at least half of the songs are real earworms. Not only the single songs are well-crafted, but the whole album has a nice flow, with speedy and furious parts alternating with slower and intense pieces. Rhythm and tempo changes are embedded in a natural and stringent way, lending the music additional variation and intensity. The placement of the tracks is done in a way that the music never sounds too samey or gets boring.

Singer Patrick has a classic and powerful voice. His shouting and screaming perfectly fits the instrumentation and his delivery underlines the intensity of “The Origin of Hate”. The production comes across being quite modern and a bit synthetic but punchy with no details being buried in the mix. Maybe the compression factor could have been a bit more subtle but I am no expert and the overall sound is more than serviceable. This is an album played with a lot of passion and love for metal music by some talented musicians and I can only recommend any fan of the genre to check is out.

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