proud are your buildings, temples and graves

The Arrogance makes the sun fade

greed in your eyes, increase your wealth

Your hunger still exceeds the hate


your secret knowledge protect your throne

your Monuments reach to the sky

smile to the masses wrAPPED IN their gold

Veneration is feeding your pride


seven sins

you've committed them all

seven sins

Repend them all


All unbelievers you can’t convert

you punish them with all your wrath

under your Banner you raised War

to burn your victims was never enough


You do not practice what you preach

while people die for their faith

fatted and bored, spoiled and replete

always patronised by every state


seven sins …

it will be your fall


danced with the devil, You broke your oaths

a willing slave of sin and lust

but you deny your hidden children

you keep them locked behind holy walls


Against the change for fear of loss

you always stay hard on your course

despite your rules you fear your Brothers

because their envy threatens your force


seven sins

All done by you