look around and you can see

the blind trust in a higher power

maker of your destiny

a helper in your final hour


they put this faith into your brain

long before you asked for it

you never questioned it again

you obey a holy leader


my mind is my own

words are hypnotic

better i stay a god damned heretic

only to serve

is not heroic

better i stay a god damned heretic (to you)


with great stories they took care

you act according to their plans

promises were what you needed

so they freed you from your sins


they got you under control

treat you like a stupid pupped

you think you serve the holy one

is there a dream, you will forget it


my mind is my own…


you run helpless through the world

transfigured look in smiling faces

religion’s not the same as god

do not serch in the wrong places


caught in a lie, deceived and sold

devotion until self-destruction

it is just a sacred business

a dirty game with all your fears


my mind is my own…