they came from a land, far away, where time is standing still

Where everything is ruined

and someone says you have to kill

Sent by power-obsessed men, who preach the holy word

they know what‘s good and evil

and let you bring the fire to the world


unleash the wolves

hear them howl

unleash the wolves

prepare to fall

unleash the wolves

the final stand

unleash the wolves

they lead you to the bitter end


They filled their heads  with bondage and the punishment of god

the prospect of a better life

the real faith demands more blood

the bigotry and ignorance leads to something mad

it‘s for a higher aim

why don‘t you see the origin of hate


unleash the wolves…


they know they have to hide and you’ve shown them the way

They’ve learned how to get into your fortress

with the plans for devastation and the weapon in the hand

they’re waiting for a sign in the darkness

they prepare to killing, they prepare to dying

to serve the system and the holy one


The hate devoures everyone no matter what faith

everyone expect the prize

the paradise, no time to wait

Sympathy will be your weakness, you will get no grace

they fulfill their destiny

and you will taste the blood on your face


unleash the wolves…