time again for thrilling action

It‘s the same day of the week

call your friends to start the chase

you want to make the horror real

too much beer, the mood is good

and they sing the same old songs

everyone wears the same suit

long ago, you were alone


together you are a secret army

you find your victims on the street



out on the warpath again


you realize the ancient teachings

to clean this land from all the scum

and you raise the fist of hate

you won't stop until it's done

you’re Destroying all their wishes

you’re destroying all their dreams

It‘s sufficient for the evil

if the good not want to see


a Firestorm is coming over you

your enemies will burn in hell



out on the warpath again


tirades of hate and violance

you will burn them with your rage

no one is realy safe from you

nobody recognize the threat

the history was not your teacher

the suffering was not enough

the seed of fear is bearing fruit

Now we’re reaping the whole wrath


Law and order does not apply today

and everyone will close the eyes



out on the warpath again