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Whole World Burns

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DEATHTALE looking forward to the upcoming Album and make themself ready for 2016. We have to say thank you for all your support and believe and we wish you all "MERRY X-MAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR". Have a look on our "BASS SANTA" and the new short Video about the recordings!


Good News! DEATHTALE will be represented with the german Version of "FROM HELL" on the Compilation of the anniversary LEGACY issue #100. The new Album is available on 12th February 2016.

Upcoming Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS"


DEATHTALE is working hard on the preparations of a new Video for the upcoming new Album "Whole World Burns". It will be recorded by Karl Haubenwallner and SPOTLIGHT MEDIA. Also we will put out some short Videos about the recording of the Album.


Here it is, the new Cover-Art Work of DEATHTALE's upcoming second Full-Lengh Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS". 11 new full power Thrash/Death Songs and a German Bonus Version of "From Hell" with the new Frontman Patrick Pieler on Vocals. Available early 2016.

And this is the Tracklist: 01. The Fallen / 02. Flesh For Sale / 03. From Hell / 04. Everything Changes / 05. Before Blood Flows / 06. Death Machine / 07. Whole World Burns / 08. Phoenix Theory / 09. Warpath / 10. Into The Abyss / 11. Silent Eulogy / BONUS: From Hell (German Version)

Upcoming Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS"


We had a great Concert with HYPNOS, SASQUATCH and BREWED&CANNED, but also it was the last Concert with NAWID FA'AL before PATRICK PIELER takes over the Vocals and starts his job as new Frontman. We say a big THANK YOU for his great Support and hope that NAWID stays a part of our Family. Here some Pics of the Evening- Look to the Pic-Section!


DEATHTALE did "The Gates of Hell Festival" and here are some great photos of the gig. Thank you to all who have made this great Festival possible. Look to the Pic-Section!
Also our gratitude goes out to our good friend and Singer NAWID FA'AL who helped us out on the Vocals with a very good job.

A special support came from another awesome partner in crime. PATRICK PIELER rocked the stage with us during the last song and DEATHTALE say a big "Welcome" to our new Singer and Frontman. PATRICK joins DEATHTALE and we're looking forward to his great performances on stage and on the upcoming Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS". Check out the Bios-Section!


DEATHTALE have completed the recordings for the upcoming Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS" and started with the mixing. During the recording session, the band had to seperate from Singer Alex "ONDRO" Ondrovics.


DEATHTALE at the GATES OF HELL 2015 near Tribuswinkel NÖ, 26th September. Get tickets for two nights of facemelting old school brutal Metal, with us, our good friends of Camp Chaos and many great Bands.

DEATHTALE will reveal some fresh material from the upcoming new Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS" at the upcoming gigs.


DEATHTALE is at the End of the Studio-Work. Due to the serious illness of Alex "ONDRO" Ondrovics, longtime Friend PATRICK PIELER will take over the recordings of the Vocals and he does a great Job. Look to the Pic-Section for some Studio pics! Also here is a new Date for a great Evening with HYPNOS, BREWED&CANNED and SASQUATCH.




DEATHTALE still works hard for the new upcoming Album, finally entitled "WHOLE WORLD BURNS" in HINTERHOF STUDIOS. There are some new Vids on our YouTube Channel! A lot of the work is done, but Singer Alex "ONDRO" Ondrovics is suffering from a heavy Pneumonia and no one knows at the time, when he will returns to the Band. We wish you all the best!

DEATHTALE also was confirmed for the GATES OF HELL FESTIVAL 2015 on 25th and 26th September. More Infos about in brief...


DEATHTALE have entered HINTERHOF STUDIOS and start with the recordings of the drums for album #2. The new material includes eleven new songs like "The Fallen", "Flesh For Sale", "Death Machine", "Everything Changes", "Before Blood Flows", and more ... Stay tuned!


DEATHTALE had a great evening with THESIS (AUT), DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE (FIN), COUGHTDUST (FIN) in REPLUGGED VIENNA on 5th May. We say a big "Thank You" to everyone who have made it possible. Look to the Pic-Section for some pics and also here is a short live Vid. It is time to entering the studio now!


We are sad to inform you that we had to CANCEL the Show with BATTALION.
Our drummer was in bed with +39 Fever. So here is another Concert with THESIS (AUT), DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE (FIN), COUGHTDUST (FIN) in REPLUGGED VIENNA on 5th May.


Just before entering the Studio to record the new Album, DEATHTALE takes over the Support of the swiss thrash-metal band BATTALION in VIPER ROOM/Vienna on 22nd April. In addition to tracks from the current album DEATHTALE also will present some new Songs.


DEATHTALE have not slept the last few weeks and finished the Pre-Production for the upcoming new Album. There are many new Songs and we are looking forward to the recordings.

Also there are new Pics of the Band. Look to the Pic-Section!


After a very turbulent end of year we want to wish you "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR" and Thank you for all your support and believe!


At the time DEATHTALE works very hard on the Pre-Production for the second Album. Drums and guitar tracks of five songs are done and ready for the vocals of Alex. Six or seven Songs more are planned and ready for recording.


Here is the cover art for the Streetcult Loud Music Compilation Volume 24. DEATHTALE is proud to be represented, along with Bands such as ARCH ENEMY, RED FANG, WHILE SHE SLEEPS, ONE MACHINE, RESURRECTURIS, A BREACH OF SILENCE and some other amazing metal artists.


It was a great Evening with THE AGONIST, EYES IN THE VOID and our new Singer ALEX ONDROVICS. DEATHTALE says a big "Thank You" to everyone who have made it possible. Also "Thank You" to PATRICK PIELER for his great Support and to MAX DENGLER for Fotos and the short visit on stage. Look to the Pic-Section!


PATRICK PIELER will support the Band at the  Concert in VIPER ROOM / Vienna with THE AGONIST for the second time.


DEATHTALE have been confirmed as support act for the Canadian Metalcore and Death Metal Band THE AGONIST for their Concert in VIPER ROOM / Vienna on 5th August.


DEATHTALE now confirmed for the american "Streetcult Streetteams Loud Music Compilation Volume 24". This volume will be ready for press end of June and DEATHTALE will be represented with the song "Suffering Rain" of the current Album.


It was a great evening on the DRAGON'S CRY FESTIVAL and DEATHTALE say a big "Thank You" for all the support.  But it was not without troubles. Guitar Player ALEX got a bad Food Poisoning the day before and DEATHTALE had to play the Concert with one Guitar. However, ARIAN did a very good job for his first time on stage with DEATHTALE and also PATRICK PIELER gave a great performance as Singer and Frontman. Thank you very much again! Check out the Pic-Section!


DEATHTALE is happy to say a big "Welcome" to ARIAN REZAIE on Guitar. Arian will join the Band for the first time on stage on the DRAGON'S CRY FESTIVAL on April 25th. Check out the Bios-Section!





DEATHTALE's long awaited new Video "BLOOD TRAIL" is finished and online. Better late than never but we hope you enjoy. Check out our sides on YOUTUBE, MYSPACE, REVERBNATION or FACEBOOK...



DEATHTALE starts with the work on new Songs for the second Album and looks forward to the DRAGON'S CRY FESTIVAL on April 25th. PATRICK PIELER, Singer of the well known Death Metal Band CAMP CHAOS will support DEATHTALE on Stage.


There are new DEATHTALE Accounts on LASTFM and REVERB NATION with Pics, Sounds and Videofiles and some more Websites with Information about the Band such as Encyclopaedia Metallum.

Also there are new Pics from the last Concert with CLOSE YOUR EYES in Viper Room / Vienna. Check out the Pics-Section!


Summer is over and DEATHTALE starts to work on new material for the second Album. Also there's a new date with CLOSE YOUR EYES (US), SHOW YOUR TEETH (AUT), HERE LIES A WARNING (UK), SIC TEMPER TYRANNIS (AUT), DEFENSIVE LINE (AUT) on 18th September at VIPER ROOM / Vienna. Check out FACEBOOK


DEATHTALE is represented with the song "Blood Trail" on the current METÄLEN CD compilation. The compilation was released through and contains 16 Tracks of Bands across Europe and Overseas.


Check out the Pic-Section for new Pics from the "BLACK AND THRASH INFERNO", or read the review on STORMBRINGER.AT. A big "thank you" to everyone have made this evening possible.

Also there is a new DEATHTALE account on SOUNDCLOUD.


DEATHTALE have done a new Video this weekend. After hard work and planning the last few weeks, we could start with the recordings of "Blood Trail" on Friday. The entire Video should be finished at the end of March.



DEATHTALE has to say "Good Bye and Best Wishes" to PETER MUSCH! Peter has decided to leave the Band, to have more time for his children and his family. He always will stay as a good friend!

So dry your tears, here is the New Lineup! DEATHTALE says "Welcome" to ALEX REICH!!  Alex is well known from the Austrian Alternativ Metalcore Band CORVIN and will join the band for the first time on the stage as Support of DEBAUCHERY on November 17th.


After a long time with Pearl Drums, Tom Kräutner joins the YAMAHA DRUMS FAMILY with a new 8pc Oak Custom Kid in Black Sparkle Sunburst. Tom wants to say a big special "THANK YOU" to Robert Schoblocher and ROADHOUSE MUSIC STORE who have made all this possible.


Tom Kräutner joins the Players of STARWOOD PREMUM DRUMSTICKS. Tom plays signed Starwood Classic 5B Hornbeam Sticks and says a very special "THANK YOU" to Bálint Görbe and STARWOOD.

















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