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Whole World Burns

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DEATHTALE second Single Output of the new Album is out now.  The Album Title Track "ORIGIN OF HATE" is available on SPOTIFY in the next few days. But listen to it on YouTube now!



DEATHTALE looks forward to the upcoming Album "The Origin Of Hate" and here is the Lyric Video of the first Single "BLOODGOD". Available on our new SPOTIFY Account on October 12th.
The album will be unveiled on November 16th through ART GATES RECORDS. Preorders available on 12th November. Play it loud and share!


Very good News! DEATHTALE's new upcoming Album, "THE ORIGIN OF HATE" will be released by the Spanish Label ART GATES RECORDS on 16th November. Produced by LUKAS WILTSCHKO in the PENZING RECORDS STUDIOS Vienna and Mastered by ANDY CLASSEN in his STAGE ONE STUDIO. The new Album includes 11 new powerfull Thrash/Death Songs. So Check out the new Cover Art Work.


The Dark One 
Born And Broken 
Origin Of Hate 
Embrace The Fire 
Unleash The Wolves 
Seven Sins 
Walk Over Water 
The Heretic 
Hell Exists 


DEATHTALE's new upcoming Album, finaly entitled "THE ORIGIN OF HATE" is nearing completion. We are glad that ANDY CLASSEN(Destruction, Legion of the Damned, Dew Scented, Tankard, Krisiun, Holy Moses, Disbelief and many more...) took over the Mastering in his STAGE ONE STUDIO.

Also here some new Pics of the last two Concerts. Enjoy!

New Wood for our Drummer Tom. Once again of the Stickfactory #1 STARWOOD. Thanks to Bálint Görbe!



DEATHTALE had a great evening on Donauinselfest 2018. Thanks to everybody who made this possible. Here some Vids!

Also DEATHTALE and LUKAS WILTSCHKO works on the last Details of the upcoming third Album before Mastering and everything sounds great.

See you all on 13th July. With NERVECELL, VOID CREATION and DAYUM.




DEATHTALE have finished the recordings of their upcoming third Album and everything is ready for the Mix. Also, there are only a few days left for the Donauinselfest 2018, where we will present a new song. So don't miss it!

Rock Hard Magazine Germany has reviewed the Imperative Music Compilation VOL. 14. Published at Rock Hard issue 371.

And don't forget the Date on 13th July. With NERVECELL, VOID CREATION and DAYUM.




DEATHTALE is confirmed for the DONAUINSELFEST 2018 Vienna. Hope we see you all to start a hot Summer!


DEATHTALE started the Recordings in the PENZING RECORDS STUDIOS Vienna and the first Takes sound great. Drums, a big part of the Guitars and the Vocals are done.

The upcoming Album will include 11 new Songs again, as there is "Bloodgod", "Origin Of Hate", "Born And Broken", "Seven Sins" and more...


It was very hard work the last weeks, but there are good news these days. DEATHTALE have finally finished the Pre-Production for the upcoming third Album and is ready to enter the Studio.

LUKAS WILTSCHKO of ECHO TUNES will produce the new Album in the PENZING RECORDS STUDIOS Vienna. There are 11 new Thrash/Death Songs and we're looking forward to the Recordings.

Also there is a new Date on 13th July. Deathtale will support NERVECELL from Dubai.




DEATHTALE is still working hard for the upcoming Album and make themself ready for 2018. We have to say thank you for all your support and believe and we wish "MERRY X-MAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR". Also we're looking forward to the next Concerts to see you all.



Maybe you ask, why so much time passed, since the last News.

DEATHTALE had hard weeks with Songwriting and Rehearsals and a Violation of our guitar player GILLI.

But the Songwriting is over and DEATHTALE starts with the Pre Production and the recordings of the Guitars for our third Album. The Release of the ten brand new Songs is planed for early 2018.

Meanwhile we have some new Live Pics of our last two Concerts with ASSASSIN and NECRONOMICON. Thanks to everyone who have made this possible.



DEATHTALE had a great Evening in ESCAPE Club/Vienna. Thank you all! Look to the Pic-Section!

Also we looking forward to the Date with ASSASSIN, RAVENOUS and IN DELIRIUM in VIPER ROOM/Vienna on 20th July. Get Tickets HERE!

Good News about the IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION VOLUME 14, which comes out in August. DEATHTALE is represented on it with "Before Blood Flows" and also some great Bands as KREATOR, OBITUARY, NOVEMBERS DOOM and many more. HERE is the new Cover Image.



DEATHTALE looks forward to a new Date with German Thrashers ASSASSIN in VIPER ROOM/Vienna on 20th July. Get Tickets HERE!



DEATHTALE is still working on new Songs for a new Album. Meanwhile there is a upcoming new Compilation CD with Deathtale's "Before Blood Flows" and some great other Bands. The Compilation will be included in some Magazines in Europe and also will be distributed in US, Brazil and Japan.

Also DEATHTALE is confirmed for a little "SUMMER FESTIVAL" with SNAKEWIRES, JIODA and FLINT AIMS in ESCAPE/Vienna on 08th July.




Due to family reasons of the Singer, DERANGED has to cancel the whole tour and also the Concert in VIPER ROOM/Vienna on 18th May.

But DEATHTALE looking forward to play with NECRONOMICON and VEIL OF DECEPTION in ESCAPE/Vienna on 23th September.

Also DEATHTALE works hard on the Songwriting for the new Album and starts with the first Rehearsals.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 5 Years ago was the Release of DEATHTALE's first Album "Apocalyptic Deadline". Time goes on and we are working hard on new Songs.

Also there is a new Date in VIPER ROOM/Vienna on 18th May with the Swedish Deathers DERANGED! Get Tickets !!!



DEATHTALE is proud to announce, that the Band has signed a contract with the spanish Label ART GATES RECORDS for their next Album. We're looking forward to work with our new Partner.


Also we are happy to say, that our good Friend and Stage Support GILLI GEHRING is taking over the Place as second Guitar Player and new Member of DEATHTALE.



Late but "Welcome to the New Year 2017". Due to the flu, DEATHTALE has lost much time. Our Second Album "Whole World Burns" was already one Year old and DEATHTALE have started with the work on new Songs and a new Album. We are also preparing for a new video.


Due to permanent Troubles with our Myspace account, we were forced to change the account to "Deathtale Official". You can reach our new Myspace page at

Also, for a few days, there is a new Deathtale Account on Instagram. Look to it at

And we wish you all "MERRY X-MAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR" and say thank you for all your support and believe!


Have a Look to some Pics of our last Concert in Viper Room / Vienna. Thank you all for your Support. Also here is a new Video of "The Fallen", live played in Club Wakuum in Graz.


ALEX REICH has left the Band due to other Projects and Schedule Problems. We wish "Good Luck"! Our good Friend GILLI, best known from the Death Metal Band VOID CREATION, takes over his Part. GILLI will support DEATHTALE on Stage.

There is a new Date in VIPER ROOM/Vienna on 07th November with the US Death/Thrashers ARES KINGDOM, PENTACLE, DEATHSTORM and NOCTURNE. Get Tickets HERE!


DEATHTALE had a great Evening in Club WAKUUM/ GRAZ and here are some great photos of the gig. Thank you to all who have made it possible and we're looking forward to come back next Year. Look to the Pic-Section!

Also DEATHTALE's Guitar Player ARIAN REZAIE is currently accepting Students for Guitar Lessons at this time. ARIAN will work with you to cover specific Areas such as Music Theory, Ear Training, Improvisation, Composition and Recording in various Genres. Write to


A few more days, then we rock Waakum/Graz with CHURCH OF NECROLUST and CROWN THE FALLEN. Currently the Rehearsels are running and we are looking forward to a good Show. Also there are some good Reviews like the ones of METAL TEMPLE and NECROMANCE.


Hope you have a hot summer and fun on festivals or on the beach just as we. After this Relaxing-Time, we‘re looking forward to our upcoming Concert on 3rd September in Wakuum/Graz and to another New Date on 22nd September in Replugged/Vienna. Meanwhile have a look to some Pics of the last Concert with the Guitar-Support of our good Mate TOMY ANDJELIC. Thank you very much for the great Job!


The new date for the Concert in Club WAKUUM / Graz is fixed. It's the 3rd September, hope we see you. Also there is the Flyer for the Concert in SZENE WIEN. Get Tickets !!!


There are good and bad news. DEATHTALE are confirmed as Support of the Austrian Metalband BLACK INHALE to play a Show in ((SZENE)) WIEN on 7th MAY.
But unfortunately, DEATHTALE have to move the Concert in Club WAKUUM / Graz from 2nd April to Autumn. An exact date is comming.
Also there are new Reviews on our MEDIA-Section!


DEATHTALE's new Album "Whole World Burns" is out since a few days and here is the First Official Video "EVERYTHING CHANGES". Once again a Special "Thank You" to everyone who made it possible and to Karl Haubenwallner for his great Job behind the camera.


Now it's fixed: DEATHTALE's new Official Video for "EVERYTHING CHANGES", from the new Album, comes out on 24th Februar 2016.


Armed and Ready! DEATHTALE's second full lengh Album "WHOLE WORLD BURNS" is OUT NOW!


Just a few days to the release of the new Album. Here is another new Song and a Lyric Video about the recordings of "Whole World Burns". Also there is a new date at 2nd April 2016 in Club WAKUUM/Graz.


DEATHTALE did the Videoshooting for the Song "Everything Changes" of the new Album. A very special "Thank You" to all Helpers and Friends who made this possible, also to Karl Haubenwallner and SPOTLIGHT MEDIA and Romana Planer of GLAS EXKLUSIV and LEOPOLD PLANER GMBH. Look for some Pics!


The new Legacy Issue #100 is out and DEATHTALE presents one Song from the upcoming Album on its Sampler. Listen to the german Version of "FROM HELL". Also watch the new short vid of our new Singer PATRICK PIELER in the Studio...


















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